School Presentations

Keep Cobb Beautiful_School PresentationThe Trash You Make – 30 minutes; maximum class size – (40 students)

This lesson is about the volume of trash each of us generates in a day and where it goes once it’s thrown away. By going through the day in the life of one of their peers to see how much garbage can be made, the students then determine whether or not the trash can be reduced, reused, recycled or disposed of in a landfill.
Recommended for Grades K-5

The Living Landfill – 20 minutes; maximum class size – (40 students)

This lesson teaches students about the three R’s, the processing of trash, and the importance of reducing the amount of trash put in landfills. The students become a landfill and determine what really belongs in a landfill and what can be reused or recycled.
Recommended for Grades K-2

The Great Trash Relay – 15 minutes; maximum class size – (40 students)

This game teaches students how to distinguish between trash and recyclable materials. After a short lesson on trash, where it goes and the three R’s, students are split into two relay teams. Each member of the team must pick up a piece of trash that has been scattered on the floor and determine if it should be thrown away or recycled. This game should be held in a large outdoor area or in the school’s gymnasium.
Recommended for Grades K-5

Three R’s for Saul – 15 minutes; maximum class size – (40 students)

This educational DVD explains the benefits of recycling to an otherwise disinterested 1st grader. Presented in a version of “A Christmas Carol”, Saul is visited by 3 friendly students that magically transport him to a Classroom, Transfer Station, Landfill and Recycle Center by touching a piece of used paper. Saul learns a great lesson and has fun along the way. This video is accompanied by a workbook and usually is presented in conjunction with The Trash You Make lesson.
Recommended for Grades 3-5

Environmental Story Time – 30 minutes; maximum class size – (40 students)

Several different books with related stories about recycling and environmental accountability are chosen to read to the students. The stories read correlate with the age of the students. Examples of titles are “The Day the Trash Came Out to Play” and “The Wartville Wizard?” After the story is read, there is a short discussion on the story’s topic.
Recommended for Grades K-1

To Compost or Not to Compost – 40 minutes; maximum class size – (40 students)

This lesson teaches about composting. Focusing on common foods, students are taught what can and cannot be put into a compost pile and why composting is important.
Recommended for Grades K-2

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