Neighborhood Sweep


Neighborhood clean sweeps have become community gatherings, offering citizens an opportunity to reacquaint themselves with old friends and make new ones. In partnership with Cobb County’s Public Safety, Community Development and Department of Transportation, Keep Cobb Beautiful has been able to create awareness about litter prevention and reduce litter violations in our communities. With the assistance of county crews, residents are able to aid in removing graffiti, litter from illegal dumping, and restoring their neighborhoods through beautification projects. Educating the public is the key! The more your neighbors are involved the greater the community’s support system.

Join us!

While clean sweep events can be organized and held year round, during the Great American Clean (GAC), March 1st- May 31st, is when Cobb residents truly shine. Neighborhood sweeps during the GAC have become team-building exercises for neighborhood associations, church groups, school clubs and teams, and civic organizations. Residents can also take advantage of neighborhood sweeps and GAC individually, by cleaning their own properties, nearby sidewalks/curbsides and placing the bulk rebuff at designated locations, knowing a county crew will soon come by to retrieve it.

You and your neighbors can work together to make your surroundings neat and clean with the Neighborhood Clean Sweep/Great American Cleanup program.


How to get started!

Organize a group and identify the specific needs in your area, then tailor your cleanup effort to meet those needs. Contact your local homeowners association or community organization to find out if you already have a “sweep” planned this year.

If not, talk to your neighbors and contact Keep Cobb Beautiful at (770) 528-1100 to arrange a Neighborhood Sweep or to join a local cleanup initiative.