Dig ‘n the Dirt Grant Application


Keep Cobb Beautiful
Dig’n The Dirt
Grant Program 2016-2017

Children today spend more time indoors, disconnected from the natural world. The results are diseases like obesity and juvenile diabetes, social dysfunction and behavior issues. As educators, we’re sure you would agree that your time is better spent teaching your students in an engaging, interactive environment. One solution? Get them into the garden!

Garden programs provide a dynamic environment where children can learn and play at the same time. They experiment, discover, gain confidence, build self-esteem, and gain an appreciation for the amount of work required to bring food to the table. The purposes of the Dig’n The Dirt Program are two-fold: 1) to provide opportunities to school children through school gardens to experience and study nature, and 2) to learn how to grow and appreciate fruits, vegetables and flowers. Outdoor garden lessons can be integrated across the curriculum and children can overcome nature-deficit disorder with just a few hours of wonder in the garden. When you choose to plant a garden with children, the world is on track to becoming a healthier place. So tell us your plans for your school garden and how it will impact your students and the community.