Associate Board Member Program

Keep Cobb Beautiful Associate Board Member Program

What is the Associate Board Member Program?

The Associate Board Member (or ABM) program was designed to give Cobb County students (High School Juniors and Seniors or those attending a college located in Cobb County) the opportunity to learn the benefits of working with a non-profit organization entrusted to educate, beautify and enhance our community. This program allows students to participate at a higher level within a community organization, help with our various events and assist volunteers in making positive impacts within Cobb County. These benefits translate to school-wide opportunities, building community service hours and are an excellent highlight on their college resume. Most importantly, you will have fun!
Because of the level of commitment, we are not always looking for the class leaders or those involved with several clubs or organizations. As an ABM, you will be required to attend Board meetings, participate in various committees, volunteer and help run KCB events, and complete a project related to our Mission. As an ABM you will also be invited to represent KCB at luncheons and ceremonies. ABMs will be involved with outreach to local civic groups and schools and have the opportunity for college scholarships.
Selection into the Associate Board Member program is based on the following
  • A current Cobb County resident and student (High School Junior or Senior or attend a College in Cobb County)
  • At least 16 years old at the time of application
  • Have an active interest in environmental or community service
  • The ability to commit to KCB and earn a minimum of 35 hours
  • Ability to commit for the duration of your term (October thru May)
  • Ability to interact with local politicians, legislators or other community leaders
  • Ability to represent Keep Cobb Beautiful at public functions
  • Not be affiliated with any radical, anarchist or militant organizations or hate groups

Application for school year 2017-2018 is now closed.

Please download your application, save it to your hard drive, and submit it before the due date.